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What is a blind box?

A blind box is a usually a toy or art figure that comes in a box where you can not see what is inside.  There is usually a group that comes in a series and you have a random chance to get a figure.  There are different ratios of figures in series, so some become more valuable than others.  Some of the largest blind box figures are Dunnys (Dunny by Kidrobot) and Vinylmation by Disney.  

Isn't selling open blind boxes ruining the fun?

We are collectors at openblindboxes.com and buy tons of unopened blind boxes.  We buy so many that sometimes we have a lot of duplicates.  That is where the idea of openblindboxes.com came from.  We do not want to remove the blind box model, and love it very much.  The excitement of opening a new figure and getting what you have been hoping for is a ton of fun.  We encourage hunting for that figure you are looking for with sealed new boxes.  Sometimes that figure you have been hunting for has eluded you for too long.  Hopefully we can help you when that time comes.  

What figures do you carry?

We are interested in all designer vinyl, from Kidrobot's Dunnys to Sofubi and everything in between. We can't possibly know all the blind boxes that are out there, so if you have some, that you are looking to sell, tell us about them and let's work something out.  

What if the figure is dirty?  Do you sell dirty figures?

Wow have we seen some dirty figures, but we do not sell dirty figures.  Every figure we get in, gets cleaned by hand before we take a picture of it and post it.  We can get most figures looking brand new, and sometimes even better than when it came out of the box.  We even made a how to video to share with you, to make your figures look great.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_E8BSgXjUg

I am looking for a specific figure.

Our inventory is constantly in flux.  We do not have a supplier, as we buy figures from the community.  You can do a search for the name of the figure, or color, or platform in the search.  If you do not see it, you can ask us under contact.  We also would recommend following our Facebook or Twitter.  We always post our newly added figures there so if you are looking for something you will know right away.  Some figures we get in sell in minutes.  

How much is shipping? 

$3.00 for the first figure, and only 50 cents more per figure after that for most figures.  Larger figures cost a bit more.  If you spend more than $75.00 on figures, then shipping is free (USA only).  

International shipping is built based on your order weight and dimensions.  All countries should be working, if you have any questions about international shipping please e-mail us at admin@openblindboxes.com

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept paypal and all major credit cards.  Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  You can select your payment option on the selection screen in the checkout page. 

I have another question that isn't on here. 

Please e-mail us at admin@openblindboxes.com if you have any other questions and we will answer as best as we can.  

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