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The Odd Ones Dunny Series is now available.

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openblindboxes.com is now carrying figures from The Odd Ones Dunny Series.  These figures were all designed by Scott Tolleson.  They were released by Kidrobot in 2016.  

You can find out more about Scott Tolleson and his art at http://www.stolleart.com/.  

Here is the info on this awesome Dunny series.  

Gather ‘round ghouls and gals! Kidrobot and Scott Tolleson have a new collaboration just in time for Halloween! We are excited to present you with The Odd Ones Dunny Series. The Odd Ones features timeless monsters and creeps for a spooky treat! Grab a Dunny today before they vanish forever!

Collect them all:

  • Ghoulie Jill - 2/20
  • Hopper the Cereal Killer - 2/20
  • Gnaw the Hellhound - 2/20
  • Argh Barber - 2/20
  • Bugga Bugga - 2/20
  • Francis - 2/20
  • Blargo - 3/40
  • Ghoulie Jack - 3/40
  • Almost Invisible Man - 3/40
  • Lucyfur - 1/20
  • Howie Philips - 1/20
  • Argyle Warrior - 1/40
  • Professor Heckle - 3/80
  • Frankenberry Chase - 1/80

Howie Phillips The Odd Ones Dunny

We hope that you get all the figures you are looking for from The Odd Ones by Scott Tolleson.  Also if you have duplicate figures, you can send us a list and we can send you an offer for store credit.  You can e-mail us at sales@openblindboxes.com. 


Blank Dunnies now on openblindboxes.com

Sometimes we get in figures that are missing a little too much.  Too many accessories are gone, or there is just too much damage to the paint.  We had a small stock of these figures and we figured we would try to give them new life by making them blanks for our customizer friends out [...]

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New Ferals from Kidrobot and Amanda Visell up today.

We have added 6 figure from the new Artist Series by Amanda Visell and released by Kidrobot.   Ferals.  We have added Bah Boon Munny FeralsBuck Wethers RaffyEvil Buck Wethers RaffyDragon Scout Master RaffyGiraffagon Raffy And Hairless Tomcat Trikky. These guys are brand new and ready to join your growing collection.  Pick them up before someone else does.  

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The 13 added today

We have just put up some figures from The 13 by Kidrobot.   The 13 was released on Friday and is already sold out on Kidrobot.com.  These figures are very popular and are selling out.  The Dunnies we have added from The 13 are. #1 The Mad Butcher Dunny from The 13.#3 Hay Man Dunny from [...]

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Better Call Saul and his Dunny friends.

Today we have added a large mix of figures from around the vinyl world. We added three dunnies today. Hello My Name Is Huck Gee Series 3 DunnyMr. Shane Jessup Fortune Cat Series 4 DunnyCatalina Estrada Fatale DunnyWe added Saul from The Breaking Bad Series by Titans Vinyl Figures. We also added the Spain Flag Be@rbrick from series 19 by [...]

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Dunnies and Simpsons

Today is a good day for harder to find figures at openblindboxes.com.  We have added some great figures and some classic Dunnies. Added today to openblindboxes.com is The Jeremyville Endangered Dunny Trapped In A Bear Suit.  I love this figure, great addition to Kidrobot's Endangered Dunny Series.  We also added today the Chase Dunny from the Colette series. [...]

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Doctor Who vs Street Fighter vs Corns

Today we have added a mix of figures. We have added Amy Pond, Adipose, Weeping Angel and Davros from Doctor Who Titans Vinyl Figures. We have also added Gen from Street Fighter Series 2 by Kidrobot. And back in stock today is the Pink Corns Unicorn Balloon Animal from Pop! By Kidrobot.  He is super cute, the Pop! figures do not stick around for [...]

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Black and White Pac Man Dunny

Today we have added a couple of figures.  Some other picture updates were added as well, but for figures we have some sought after figures. First we have the Dalek Artist Series Hot Pink Pac Man Dunny.  I love this figure it's color is amazing.  Great work for early kidrobot and a 1/50 so very hard to [...]

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It's a Side Show Dunny explosion

Today we are all about Dunny Side Show by Kidrobot.  New figures, new photos, and figures back in stock after being sold out.  So if you just want to get to it, click the link above.  What have we added new? Well the Cris Rose Observation Drone Dunny in black is in stock now.  We don't know the [...]

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New figures, and sales

First cash buying budget has been spent.  We were contacted by a lot of sellers and have spent all our cash budget for figures at this time.  We will remove the notification once we are buying with cash again.  We will still buy all figures with store credit and you can contact us at sales@openblindboxes.com [...]

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