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Supernatural Mystery Minis by Funko added today.

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Today we added 11 figures from the blind box series, Supernatural Mystery Minis by Funko. 

You can see all the figures by clicking the link above, or each figure by the ones below.  

The figures that are available now are...







Kevin Tran



Sam as Gardeel, a Hot Topic exclusive


These figures are available to purchase now.  Get them before they sell out. 


A mixed bag of figures today.

We are back into the swing of things after vacation and we have figures getting added every day.  Today we have figures from Funko, Uglydoll, and Toy2r!From Funko Mystery Minis we have added Beast from Disney Mystery Minis Series 2 and Rumblehorn from How To Train Your Dragon Mystery Minis.  Next up from Uglydoll we have added [...]

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Funko and Portal 2

Bloody PredatorToday we had a lot of figures added from the world of Funko.  We added figures from Sci-Fi, Inside Out and Marvel.  We also added figures from the Portal 2 Sentry series which are now pretty much sold out everywhere.  So openblindboxes.com is the only place to get them. From funko we added a lot [...]

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Funko DC Super Heroes

Today we are adding 11 figures from Funko's DC Super Heroes Blind Box Mystery Minis Series.  All are without boxes.  So they are figure only.  We have added Aquaman, Batman in black, Black Manta the 1:24 ratio figure, Deathstroke, Flash in red, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, Power girl, Superman and Wonder Woman. They are available here. We [...]

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Our first new figures on the new site.

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first post about new figures on our new fancy pants blog.  We will be keeping this up to date with every figure added as opposed to our twitter and facebook where we post usually about a few. We will also be posting about certain sold out figures as well. [...]

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