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Older Dunnies

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Today we have added 4 Dunnies on the rarer side of things.  

We have added our first Dunny from the very hard to find Dunny Colette series.  It is an untitled Dunny by John Petherick.  

We have also added the green Koa I'm French 2Tone dunny today.  

Thomas Han's Painkiller L.A. Dunny now has a complete figure available and got an updated photo.  

Ron English's Rabbbit Dunny from Series 3 is back in stock and has an updated photo as well.  

A note about photos.  As you might have noticed there are missing images and there are images that look like they do not have a white background.  We have improved our photo booth and that is why all photos now have the white background, but we have not updated every photo.  Some figures we do not have anymore, others we just have not updated yet, but as soon as we can we will be moving all figures to the updated photos.  It is just a lot to do when you have new figures coming in, and 1200 photos to go through.  So they will get slowly updated over time and any new figure or restock that we get in will get a new photo.  


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