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Doctor Who vs Street Fighter vs Corns

Today we have added a mix of figures. We have added Amy Pond, Adipose, Weeping Angel and Davros from Doctor Who Titans Vinyl Figures. We have also added Gen from Street Fighter Series 2 by Kidrobot. And back in stock today is the Pink Corns Unicorn Balloon Animal from Pop! By Kidrobot.  He is super cute, the Pop! figures do not stick around for [...]

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Black and White Pac Man Dunny

Today we have added a couple of figures.  Some other picture updates were added as well, but for figures we have some sought after figures. First we have the Dalek Artist Series Hot Pink Pac Man Dunny.  I love this figure it's color is amazing.  Great work for early kidrobot and a 1/50 so very hard to [...]

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It's a Side Show Dunny explosion

Today we are all about Dunny Side Show by Kidrobot.  New figures, new photos, and figures back in stock after being sold out.  So if you just want to get to it, click the link above.  What have we added new? Well the Cris Rose Observation Drone Dunny in black is in stock now.  We don't know the [...]

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New figures, and sales

First cash buying budget has been spent.  We were contacted by a lot of sellers and have spent all our cash budget for figures at this time.  We will remove the notification once we are buying with cash again.  We will still buy all figures with store credit and you can contact us at sales@openblindboxes.com [...]

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Unipo and I.W.G.

Today we have added new in box Unipo and I.W.G. figures. We added Unipo Series 1 The Freedom Fighters, Hup, Hype and Rrr today.  Also added today was Unipo Series 3 The Cosmo-Knots, Blek, Bar, Eck, and Eek.and I.W.G. Astro Krieg from Rocket World. 

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Spikes, tea and guns.

Today we added a lot of different figures from around the urban vinyl world. We added 2 figures from the Lunartik Mini Tea Series 2 figures.  We added Apple Bubble and Emporer.  These guys are super cute and sold out very quick when they were available in the world.   Porcino from Tokidoki Cactus Friends got added today. [...]

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Older Dunnies

Today we have added 4 Dunnies on the rarer side of things.  We have added our first Dunny from the very hard to find Dunny Colette series.  It is an untitled Dunny by John Petherick.  We have also added the green Koa I'm French 2Tone dunny today.  Thomas Han's Painkiller L.A. Dunny now has a complete figure [...]

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Funko DC Super Heroes

Today we are adding 11 figures from Funko's DC Super Heroes Blind Box Mystery Minis Series.  All are without boxes.  So they are figure only.  We have added Aquaman, Batman in black, Black Manta the 1:24 ratio figure, Deathstroke, Flash in red, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, Power girl, Superman and Wonder Woman. They are available here. We [...]

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Unicorno Series 4

Today we have added 10 different figures from Unicorno Series 4.  The 4th in the very popular series designed by Simone Legno and released by Tokidoki.The rumor is these are already sold out from the factory so what is out in the world is all that is left.  So if you are looking to get [...]

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Our first new figures on the new site.

Hello everyone, and welcome to our first post about new figures on our new fancy pants blog.  We will be keeping this up to date with every figure added as opposed to our twitter and facebook where we post usually about a few. We will also be posting about certain sold out figures as well. [...]

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